Where are sweatshops?

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There are sweatshops around the world. However, there appear to be more reported incidents of alledged sweatshops in Asia and south America

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Q: Where are sweatshops?
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Are there sweatshops in Canada?

No, sweatshops are illegal in Canada

How many sweatshops are there in the world?

There are over 3000 sweatshops in the World

Does Hollister use sweatshops?

YES HOLLISTER DOES USE SWEATSHOPS!!!!Yes they use sweatshopsHollister they use sweatshops this is a haikuDoes anyone know where they are

Are there sweatshops in Singapore?

Singapore has a high standard of living, so there is probably no sweatshops in Singapore. Personally, as a local I have also never heard of the existence of sweatshops here. However, it is not guaranteed that there are exactly no sweatshops in Singapore.

When did sweatshops start?

Unofficial sweatshops have been around for quite a while. Most of the established official sweatshops have only been around since the mid 1900s.

What is being to raise awarness about sweatshops?

Acts of violence against companies that use sweatshops

What is being done to raise awareness about sweatshops?

Acts of violence against companies that use sweatshops

How many kids die in sweatshops?

Over 2,000 kids die in sweatshops every day

When was United Students Against Sweatshops created?

United Students Against Sweatshops was created in 1997.

Where are most sweatshops located?

Sweatshops, or illicit centers using exploitive human labor can be located anywhere globally. Often sweatshops are affiliated with off-shore developing economies with weaker regulatory powers or resources. However, sweatshops have and can be found in industrialized states also.

What countries use sweatshops?

Nike, Disney, Gap, Banana republic and Reebok all use sweatshops.

Who invented sweatshops?

in the 1830s

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