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Dicks sporting goods, Sports her way, Sports hisway

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Q: What shops are sweatshops?
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Who benefits from the sweatshops?

The owners of the shops and their customers.

Are there sweatshops in Nepal?

there are shops with lots of sweats but there are not very many sweat shops

What clothing shops use sweatshops to make their clothes?

lemitt too

What is being done about sweatshops?

There is not a whole lot that is being done about sweatshops. Some countries have offered alternatives that cut down on the demands of these shops.

What was being done to raise awareness about sweat shops?

Boycotts of major companies that profit from sweatshops.

What are the positives of sweatshops?

Higher wages than can be usually received in the communities sweat shops are set up in.

What are the issues with sweatshops?

Sweats shops have many issues like not paying workers a living wedges and abusing them for making mistakes

What is being done to raise awareness about sweat shops?

Writing letter campaigns to corporations that use sweatshops has brought awareness to the masses. Boycotting and refusal to shop with manufacturers and brands who utilize sweatshops is another key tool. Bringing awareness through social media tweets and Facebook comments is a new method of bringing awareness about sweatshops

Are there sweatshops in Canada?

No, sweatshops are illegal in Canada

How many sweatshops are there in the world?

There are over 3000 sweatshops in the World

Where are sweatshops?

There are sweatshops around the world. However, there appear to be more reported incidents of alledged sweatshops in Asia and south America

Does Hollister use sweatshops?

YES HOLLISTER DOES USE SWEATSHOPS!!!!Yes they use sweatshopsHollister they use sweatshops this is a haikuDoes anyone know where they are

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