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The Women's vagina. :^)

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Q: Where are sperm deposited during sexual intercourse?
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During sexual intercourse what is deposited inside the woman's body?


Where are sperm deposited during intercourse?

into the vagina

The process by which sperm are deposited int the vagina is called?

sexual intercourse

Can you get get herpes if a guys doesnt sperm during intercourse?

yes because of the sexual interaction

Reproductive organ transfers semen to females body during sexual intercourse?


What does the penis do during fertilization?

During the act known as "sexual intercourse", the male penis goes inside the female vagina, where (usually after moving back and forth for a while, to get excited), the semen (the liquid which includes the sperm cells) is deposited inside the woman's body.

How should an Indian couple get their sperm and egg to meet?

By having sexual intercourse during her ovulation.

What do men use penis' for?

The penis is used for urination and sexual intercourse. During sexual intercourse the penis is thrust into the woman's vagina. The man then ejaculates semen, which contains sperm. Sperm can fertilize an egg to create a pregnancy.

Is it safe to discharge sperm in female after sexual intercourse?

The sperm is usually discharged during intercourse. That one of the prime reasons for intercourse: for male sperm to get into a female for fertilization of her egg(s).It depends on what you mean by "safe". It is the natural method of procreation.

How is an organism produced in sexual reproduction?

The male sperm goes into a female egg during sexual intercourse, and then they fuse and a xygote is formed.

How does sperm enter female bodies?

Sexual intercourse.

How does it take a man to get sperm out of his body?

The method that gets the sperm out is called ejaculation. This occurs during sexual activity, usually in masturbation or intercourse.

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