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mainly its made from Canada, Mexico, or Hungary

- Canada class A (the best)

- Mexico class B (2nd high quality)

- hungary class c (low quality wont be like class A or B ) and mainly its cheaper than class A and B
The blackberry was made in Munich, Germany

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blackberry chargers are made in america

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Q: Where are blackberry phones made?
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What are the two most recent models of Blackberry phones to be made?

The two most recent models of Blackberry phones made are the Blackberry Q10 and the Blackberry Z10. They are the newest and only models under the Blackberry banner, which was formerly Research in Motion.

What is the symbol of the BlackBerry stock?

Blackberry cell phones are made by Research in Motion, whose ticker symbol is RIMM.

Are Blackberry Phones worth the cost?

Blackberry phones are worth the cost. IPhone and Androids are as well. Blackberry phones are worth the cost if you use every percent of it.

What blackberry phones for t mibile do you not need internet for?

Blackberry and the carriers require you have a data plan for all Blackberry phones.

Where is blackberry original phones are invented?

in blackberry world !

Will a Blackberry bold 9700 case fit an Orange Rio?

yes it will go for both phones. blackberry bold case is made for orange rio aswell as blackberry

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Blackberry phones are available at Best Buy. They also have other blackberry devices, such as the Blackberry Playbook. The phones range in price from free (with a new contract) to $199.99 with a new contract.

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There are a number of popular BlackBerry mobile phones models on the market today. Some of the most popular include the 'BlackBerry Curve 9300', 'BlackBerry Torch 9800' and the 'BlackBerry Z10'.

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All Blackberry phones have Blackberry Messenger.

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No. It's only for Blackberry Phones, Blackberry Messenger only works on phones and that's the only thing it works for.

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"Blackberry phones are generally not powered by them. However, the makers of Blackberry are looking into that possibility for sometime in the near future."