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Cocoa, Florida United States

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Q: Where are KelTec pistols manufactured?
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What kind of pistols has Winchester manufactured?


Is keltec salinero a mare?

No. Keltec Salinero is a gelding because he often bolted as a stallion.

Who made mause c96 fully automatic?

The the first ones were manufactured in Spain, then Germany followed suit. China manufactured unlicenced copies of the Spanish pistols, and the Brazilians manufactured a modified variant of the German pistols.

How many pistols were manufactured in 2009?

Data not yet available

Is keltec handguns reliable?

They can be.

What are some of German manufactured 9mm hand guns?

Luger and Mauser pistols.

How many Walker pistols designed by Samuel Colt were originally manufactured?


Who manufactured Crescent Arms 410 pistols?

Crescent Fire Arms, Norwich, Connecticut.

Is there a hand gun that holds 20 rounds?

There have been several. AR style pistols use the same 20 and 30 round magazine as the AR 15. One version of the "Broomhandle" Mauser had a 20 round magazine. Several modern day auto pistols have extended magazines. The Keltec PMR-30 holds 30 rounds.

Many years were High Standard target pistols manufactured in Hamden CT?

@ 30 yrs

When did the Redhawk 41 mag come out?

Redhawk .41 Magnum pistols were first manufactured in 1979.

What is the value of a Keltec p-11 9mm pistol?