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There are many websites online that allow someone to check their credit score: is one of them. One free credit is allowed annually; otherwise, one of the three credit bureaus must be contacted (Equifax's ScorePower, Experian's PLUS score, and TransUnion's credit score). Another option is to purchase the score from FICO.

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Q: Where am I able to check my credit rating score?
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What is the name of a company that you can purchase your credit score from?

One can get their credit rating for free from three credit reporting companies. Equifax, TransUnion and Experian will all be able to provide one with their credit score.

Where can one check their Equifax credit?

One is able to check their credit score on the Equifax website or any website of their provider, one is also able to calculate their credit score manually however this option is usually avoided in favor of using an online "calculator" to discover your score.

Where can one get a credit check online?

A person is able to check thier own credit score online at the Equifax website. This is by far the most reputable credit score source and the one that is most recommended.

What are credit reference agencies used for?

Credit reference agencies are used to check an individuals credit rating. This is so that when an individual applies to a bank to borrow money, the bank can check the individual's credit score to see if they will be able to pay the money back on time and whether they are a reliable and good candidate for the loan.

If you have a terrible credit rating in the UK and move to the USA will they be able to check this?

It depends on if the company in the United States that your trying to establish credit with has an office in the UK.

How can someone get help with the consolidation of their personal loans?

You can get help with the consolidation of your personal loans by first, getting your credit report and FICO score. If your credit score reveals that you actually score quite well and have a reasonable credit rating, you may easily be able to consolidate loans at a lower rate, especially if your credit has improved since you got the loans.

Is it possible to have a proprietary reverse mortgage with bad credit?

As with all financial endeavors, a good credit rating is critical. However, that is not to say that it is impossible to obtain a proprietary reverse mortgage with bad credit. You should first check your credit score to see where you are exactly and go from there. You may be able to find lenders that specifically tailor to those with poor credit.

Someone with a poor credit score should be able to lease a car.?

Someone with a poor credit score should be able to lease a car.

How do I find out my credit score?

There are many companies able to help you get your credit school. Banks and any other financial institutions are usually able to help you receive your credit score. If not there are many online resources to help you get a free credit score.

Are there any good websites that offer credit score advice?

Yes, should be able to help you with all of your credit score questions. They wil be able to tell you what loans you may qualify for with your credit score.

Do you get your credit score when you get your free annual credit report?

No, you do not get a credit score when getting your free annual report. You may be able to get a credit score monitoring service through a credit card like Sears.

Where can a person find out their credit score online?

If you are looking to find out your credit score then you can go to the website Experian. They will give you a credit report so that you will be able to see what your score is.

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