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I would personaly take that as a hint, but don't expect a ring too soon

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Q: When your boyfriend ask you to move in with them Does that mean he serious about you and the relationship?
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What does it mean if your boyfriend says he wants to step up your relationship?

He wants to move upstairs.

What do it mean if your ex boyfriend say that he don't want to date me no more?

It means that the relationship is over. It is time to move on.

What does it mean when you dream that you have met your boyfriends parent?

Meeting one's boyfriend's parents indicates a relationship is becoming rather serious. This dream suggests that the dreamer is ready to move forward with the relationship. However, the dream provides no information about the boyfriend's feelings.

What does it mean when your boyfriend fines someone else and leaves you?

When your boyfriend finds someone else and leaves you this means that he is not interested in you anymore and he wants to move on and there is just physical relationship in his mind that matters for him.

He is really serious with you even though in a cellphone you became a girlfriend and boyfriend?

no, it's really not official through the phone, though if he's that serious about you! try to meet him/her and talk about until you have a good relationship and if he's not into you the way you are into him... then it maybe time just to move on...

If you have a boyfriend that cheated on you what should you do?

You can either move on from it, forgive him and continue with the relationship while making sure to let him know it'll take time to heal, or you can move on from it and not forgive him and let him go. It would depend how committed you are to each other, how devoted and how serious.

Ex boyfriend mean?

A boyfriend that you had but you broke up with!

What does it mean when you dream that your boyfriend is moving in and our pregnant and you get shot by a guy?

This dream suggests some deep uncertainty related to the boyfriend and changes in the relationship. The dream reveals a reluctance to move toward deeper commitment and responsibility.

How do you get my ex boyfriend back?

Simple Answer: You don't. Your relationship is over, so get over it and move on.

What does it mean if you have a dream of an ex boyfriend beating you?

From the description of this dream, it sounds as if the dreamer is allowing past actions or memories of the ex boyfriend to continue to cause pain. There are issues with this past relationship that need to be resolved so the dreamer can move on.

How do you maintain good relationship with my boyfriend?

Well, I don't. I'm not interested in your boyfriend. Semantics aside, if the relationship is good, be yourself, don't do anything different it will take care of itself. If it's not a good relationship, you don't maintain it, you move on.

Should you let your boyfriend move in we have been dating 6 months. we are 46 yrs old.?

if you are serious: yes