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Wave and say 'hi'.

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You can smile or wave politely to acknowledge their attention. If you feel comfortable, you could also strike up a conversation to see where it leads.

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Q: When you see your crush looking at you what should you do?
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What should you do after telling your crush you like him?

Try not to hang around him as much and just see if he starts looking at you more than often

How do you tell if your crush is looking at you because they like you or just to see if you're looking at them?

Well, it depends on the way they look at you

Should you look cute in front of your crush?

Looking cute would make your crush likely realize your interested in them. If your crush is shy, he will be embarrased. Otherwise, go for it.

My stepbro asked my crush out on the phone for me heres what my crush said why did you interrupt me she should ask me out herself at school so what should i do?

Ask your crush out at school. Do that and see what happens.

What if when your friends ask your crush if he likes you back and he says no but you see him looking at you a lot?

Go up to the dude and ask why you keep looking at me.

What do you do if your friend asks out you crush?

First you should wait and see if the person you liek says yes to your friend. If not, you have a chance to ask out your crush. If your crush says yes to your friend, you should tell your friend that you like the person they asked out. If it is a true friend they will see that they have hurt you and give you a chance to ask your crush out :)

How can you tell when a boy has a crush on you?

he'll keep looking at you and then he might ignore you for a bit to see if you'll notice him.

What Pokemon will learn crush on Pokemon platinum version?

Crush is a field move, exclusive to Pokemon Ranger. You may be looking for Crush Claw(sorry if your not!). A good site to see which moves Pokemon can learn is

How do you become closer with the guy you have a crush on?

You guys should talk and see what you have in common :)

How do you know if your jealous when you see your crush with her girl friend?

Your get annoyed when you see them together and you will keep looking at them to see what there doing and you will always be looking at the way the person you fancy looks with them happy,sad,embressed,nervous all that stuff and you will feel bad when you see them together.

What should you talk to your crush about in private when you are best friends with him?

Tell him how your feel and see where it goes from there.

What does it mean when your friend says your crush was looking at your butt?

the guy you have a crush on is checking you out