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They cant smell it but they can taste it

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Q: When you kiss someone can they smell your breath?
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Could your breath start to smell like weed if you hang around someone who smokes it?

No. Your breath will only smell like it if you smoke it directly.

Can you smell Coors Light on someone's breath?

Yes you can smell beer if a person has been drinking it.

Does someone else's bad breath bother you if they're talking to you?

Yes, if I can smell it.

Its my first kiss what should i do?

When you have your first kiss, you should make sure you have fresh breath, and make sure not to eat anything that could make your breath smell, for ex. Garlic. Chew minty gum for fresh breath, and if you apply anything on your lips, make sure it's not sticky. When you kiss, calm down. Take a deep breath and relax. Lean in and tilt your head a little to one side. When you kiss, close your eyes.

How do you kiss with bad breath?

Don't kiss

How you can be the best kisser?

anaceli solis she kiss hella good!! Dont hate cuz u dnt!! Ur breath smell like cacaca!!

Why do people say someone breath stinks when they kiss shouldn't their mouths be closed?

Some People do open mouth

How do you know if someone on drugs?

You can tell by mood swings, changes in behavior, darkening of lips and or fingertips, and breath smell.

What is the best way to tell if your breath smells good or bad?

you either smell it yourself or talk to someone who will tell you

How do you test if your mouth stinks?

You can cup your hand, blow into it, and then smell it. Or if someone else is brave, they can volunteer to smell your breath. Sometimes, you don't even need to test it. If you wake up with a bad taste in your mouth, you can pretty much assume you have bad breath.

Can your breath smell like weed if you don't smoke it?

yes it can, often second hand smoke can make someone, and their breath if standing close enough to a person, smell like smoke to the point where you would smell like a smoker especially if you are around people who smoke fairly often

What do gay men breath smell like?

Their breath smells like the breath of any other man. If they ate mints, it'll smell minty. If they smoked a cigarette, it'll smell like cigarettes, etc.