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During menstruation as the blood leaves the vagina it can remain around the vaginal opening and the vulva, thus it doesn't drip down onto the pad and instead when you urinate the urine washes the blood from the vulva and into the toilet.

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2013-08-17 23:20:58
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Q: When you have your period there more blood in the toilet not the pad?
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What is a pad for a period?

A pad is a cotton lining that you can stick into your underwear to soak up the blood that comes out of your vagina. It's almost like a piece of toilet paper in your underwear.

How will I know if I got my period?

you could see blood on your underwear. or blood on the toilet paper after you wipe after going to the bathroom

Why do you feel like you have to go to the toilet whenever you move when you are on your period?

because it,s the technology in the pad

Should you flush a period pad down the toilet?

NO! They swell up and clog drain line.

Does period blood go rust coloured when it dries on a pad?


Is it normal for period blood to be at the front of a pad?

Yes, it's normal for menstrual flow to be at the front of the pad, the middle of the pad, or the back of the pad. This all depends on how you position the pad and the position you're in, for example when laying down blood may flow to the back of the pad.

Does your period blood come out of the vagina?

yes and on the first day you have to wear a pad because blood seeps out

What to do when your unprepared for your period?

If it is an absolute emergency, roll up toilet paper and put it in your underwear until you get get a pad or tampon. Note: use very thick roll of toilet paper.

What happens if you get your first period at school?

You must go to the toilet and wash up , and be ready next time. Ask the teacher for a pad

I am on my period. I put on a pad at night and woke up the next moring and it was not bloody but I still had blood on the toilet paper I used to wipe myself. Should I keep wearing the pad?

Yes, you defiantly should because even though it doesn't end up in your bed right now but it does it the toilet, one day soon it might end yp in your bed, and you probably really don't want that to happen!

Can you wear a pad in the pool if you have your period?

It is not a good idea to wear a pad in the pool if you are having your period. Firstly, any blood on the pad might flow up in the water around you. The water can also make your swimsuit sag slightly so that the pad is not held tightly against you and you can experience blood leakage into the water in this situation, too. If you are able to use a tampon it is fine for you to swim during your period but otherwise it is best to postpone your swim until after your period has finished.

What do you do the protect blood from leaking through your cloths when you have your period and nothing to protect it?

you get some toilet paper and put it on your underwear like u have a pad and go to the bathroom to change it about every hour to two hours but don't go any longer or it will leak.

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