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your friends still think your a big dork because you spend all your time on facebook.

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Q: When you go offline on facebook chat but you still are on facebook do other people see your name as idle or dont they see your name at all?
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How do you be invisible on Facebook?

You can't become "Invisible" on Facebook Chat. Instead you can appear "Offline" though still be on Facebook, just others cannot see that you are online.

How do you know if somebody is online in Facebook?

Normally you can see if they are on facebook chat, however the person can go offline facebook chat and still be on the site. in this case you would have no way of knowing.

If you want to just go and check your Facebook profile but not have everyone chat with you how do you turn off the chat part?

Down in the right corner there is a small icon representing a person and a green dot. click it and choose "Go offline" now you show as offline, and people will not know you are there, but you can still use facebook as you always have.

Can you still play your playstation offline while it is being hacked by other people?

It is not being hacked now it was shut down, but yes you can play offline and they system will even update your trophies you earned while it was offline. see related question

When is it common for people to get a Facebook?

The current trend shows young adults as well as teens as the most frequent Facebookers, but every other age still can Facebook.

Why was adf ly banned from Facebook? was banned from Facebook, because Facebook didn't want people to earn money from their posts. But people are still able to get around the block by putting their link in other link shorteners, like tinyurl, then posting it on Facebook.

How do you chat with one person and still appear offline on Facebook?

use a proper facebook messenger, it's better plus has more features. use this you can be invisible while still seeing who is online. And be online to some friends, while appearing offline to others. Also has a cool away/busy function.

Is there a way to have certain people not see specific status updates on Facebook but still see the other ones?


Can you still get Starcraft Offline?

Starcraft II can be played offline.

How do you get out of the chat room on facebook?

You can't end a chat. What you can do is click on the cross button. They can still post stuff to you.If you go onto your facebook chat, then go to options, there should be options to pop in and out the chat and appear offline.

Do you still use Facebook?

Yes, a lot of people do.

How old can you be to get a Facebook?

There are no age limits. Some people on facebook are even still in their mothers wombs.