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This all depends on what the question is. For some if a person is lying, he or she is answering your question with the question. And for others you will know they are telling the truth by answering your question and with direct eye to eye contact..

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Q: When you ask a person a question and they answer right away are they telling the truth?
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Do you tell the truth?

There is no way to be certain just by asking. Someone who is lying would lie about telling the truth.The "Liar's Paradox" is that no one can rationally answer a question about the truth by saying "I am lying." This is clearly because if you are telling the truth, you say "I am telling the truth" and if you are actually lying (about lying), you would again say "I am telling the truth" (a lie).If you said you were lying, you would have to be telling the truth, but you're not because you are lying. This is similar to the double-negative paradigm ("He's not right...he's just not wrong").

How do you know if I am telling the truth?

you can only tell the truth if you are saying a fact or a opinon, a question can not be true or false, so i know your not telling either as you are saying a neutral question

Which page is telling the truth?

Ask a question of the page that involves both of them. I am presuming you are asking the question about the truth telling page and the liar. Ask,"Will the other page say this is the way?" then, go opposite.

If somebody answer you with yeah right whatever does he means no?

If a person answers you with the saying, "yeah right, whatever" it means that they don't believe what you have said. It is best to further explain yourself at this point, to assure the person you are telling the truth.

How can you tell that a guy is telling the truth when he tells you that somebody else likes you?

see if the guy looks right at you if he does then he is probably telling the truth if not he is probably the guy who likes you.

That is a lie tell the truth?

Okay then, but we have one huge problem here. Your question do not make no sense at all. Who is lying, who is telling the truth. Are this words connected that is why you asked this question?

Who is telling the truth in the movie rashomon?

The woodcutter is telling the truth.

What does it mean to holdup your when talking to someone and look to the side?

it means they are looking at something or they are remembering something. if they look down to the left they are telling the truth, but if they look to the right and up they are telling the truth.

What are you supposed to when someone says i thought you two were going out im a girl by the way?

Well the question "I thought you 2 were going out" can be answered simply by telling the truth. If a person is dating the other person, they should just answer "we are", if not, then they can answer "no we are not".

If a guy comes over to you on your own with his mate and asks you out is he telling the truth?

It depends what kind of person he is. Do u think he would do this as a joke, because he might just be shy. If hes nice and is not laughing when he says it he telling the truth if hes joking him and his mates will be laughing if hes serious then he will be looking in you eyes to see what youre thinking. He is asking a question that's all, there is no truth or lie involved !

What does honestly mean?

honest means telling the truth

Is the person who ends a relationship obligated to tell the truth about 'Why'?

You would like for that person to show good character and be responsible in telling the truth but unfortunately it doesn't always go that way.