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That is false.

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Q: When you abuse alcohol your resistance to colds increases?
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Which is not an example of drug abuse?

Taking cold medicine to fall asleep because you know it helps you sleep when you take it for colds.

Is it cognac good for a cold?

Drinking alcohol in moderation during the cold season has shown to help prevent colds. So cognac will not heal your cold, but perhaps prevent it instead. (See Carnegie Mellon study, 1993 -- this demonstrated that alcohol drinkers had increased resistance to catching colds.) Wine has been shown to be beneficial owing to its anti-oxidant effects. (See American Journal of Epidemiology, 2002.) Do not listen to the other guy who answered this question he has no source listed. (because he/she is uneducated and therefore wrong)

How can nasal congestion cause snoring?

Nasal congestion. Colds and allergies can plug the nose, creating a vacuum in the throat that results in snoring as airflow increases.

What vitamin c does for your body?

Vitamin C is for healthy skin, resistance to colds, also to make your blood clear and many more.=For examples: vegetables, blackcurrants, citrus fruit etc. ^_*=

Does eating jelly give toddlers colds?

No, Colds are caused by a virus.

B12 for colds?

Yes, vitamin B12 is the home remedy for the colds.

Can you catch a cold from a change in temperature?

No. You don't get colds from the temperature. You get colds from viruses.

Are wolves able to get colds?

Im not sure that they can catch colds but I know animals can get sick.

Can you catch colds of pets?

I don't think so but pets can catch colds from humans.

Do cold tablets get rid of colds?

I do not think they get rid of colds but they help in cold symptoms.

Why are vitamins A and C so important?

Vitamins A are important because it gives you healthy skin and membranes and also prevents night blindness. likewise Vitamin C gives you healthy skin and resistance to colds. ^_*

Do alcoholics catch a cold?

Yes alcoholics can catch a cold. No one is 100% immune to the common cold. Alcohol is not an INTERNAL disinfectant. In fact, they are more susceptible to colds due to poor nutrition.