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Santa comes either at 11:30 pm to 4:00 am.

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Q: When will Santa Claus come to North America?
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Where do Santa Claus come from?

the north pole

Where did the rumor of Santa Claus come from?

Santa Claus is not a rumor, it is based on a story about a man named St. Nick and he dicided to give presents to the people less fourtuneate the himself. Now in North America mainly, he is believed the spirit of Christmas.

When does Santa Claus come in America?

In America, Santa Claus comes on the evening of December 24, although in some places he may come as late as the early hours of December 25. The idea is that children should be able to find the presents, that he has left, when they awake on December 25.

What is Santas address?

Santa's address is: North Porlar, Santa Claus P.O Box 56009, North Pole, Alaska, 99705 - 1099. If you want this address go on google and type in santa's address and it will come up.

What time does Saint Nicholas come in Guatemala?

If you mean Saint Nicholas as in Santa Claus, then it would be the same as in America.

Does Slovakia have a Santa Claus?

Well, the answer can be yes and no! Lithuanian people believe in Santa Clause (Father Christmas) but he doesn't come from there. These people believe that Santa lives in North Pole.

What year did the Santa Claus come out?

around the 1700s

How did Santa Claus come to be associated with 25th?

he like it

How does Santa Claus come in Ireland?

On a flying sleigh

Did the first santa Claus come from turkey?


What state can you find Santa Claus in?

You can find Santa Claus anywhere, any country, any state (ANYWHERE) P.S. If you belive in Santa, Santa will come to you but if you DON'T belive in Santa, he's not coming for you.

Does santa claus come when you wish him to come?

No he only comes on Christmas Eve.