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If you list your rifles serial number in this question,we can determine the correct year of production for your Winchester model 1892 rifle.

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Q: When was your Winchester model 1892 cal 32 20?
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In what years were the Winchester 25 - 20 cal. manufactured?

The Winchester 25-20 caliber was first chambered in the Winchester model 1892 rifle/carbine which was made from 1892.The last chambering that I have found was in the Winchester model 43 bolt action rifle that was produced from 1949-1957.I would surmise that this caliber was available from 1892-1957.

What is the date of manufacture of Winchester 1992 rifle serial no 576576 cal .25-20?

I,m going to assume that you mean a Winchester model 1892? If that's the case then your rifle was made in 1910.

How much is 25 20 Winchester model 1892 worth 605956 serial number manufactured in 1884?

how much is a 25 20 Winchester...model 1892..serial number 605956... manufactured in 1884 worth

Value of a Winchester 32-20 model 1892 with octagonal barrel?


What calibers were produced in the Winchester model 1892?

The Model 1892 Winchester lever action rifle was made in .218 Bee, .25-20 WCF, .32-20 WCF, .38-40 WCF, and .44-40 WCF. (WCF is Winchester Center Fire). Godbear Tennessee

What year was my Winchester model 1892 s n 786843 in 25-20 manufactured?


Trying to find out cal of a marlin gun i have it says marlin1878 apr1889 aug21890 march1 1892 marlin safety ser 230440?

i have a marlin safty model 1892 #199269 it was made 3-20-1900 its a .32 cal center fire.model 1892 was made in .32 cal center fire and .32 cal rim can get replacement firing pins at www.wisnersinc .com. i was able to get .32 cal ammo at graf & son phone #573 581 2266. it is .32 cal short colt by winchester. good luck.

Price 53 model 1892 Winchester nickel- steel 32-20?

cuanto vale el fusil 32 w.c.f. modelo53 winchester nickel steel?

How much does a Winchester 3030 model 1892 cost?

I can't rightly say... Winchester never made a Model 1892 in 30-30. The Model 1892 was available in 25-20 W.C.F., 32 W.C.F. (32-20), 38 W.C.F. (38-40), and 44 W.C.F. (44-40), all of which are pistol length cartridges. The Model 1894 on the other hand was made in 32-40, 38-55, 30 W.C.F. (30-30), 25-35 W.C.F., and 32 W.S. (Winchester Special).

How do you find caliber on 1915 Winchester 1892?

The caliber of your Winchester model 1892 rifle should be marked on the barrel of the rifle,just ahead of the receiver.These were chambered in either,25-20(25WCF),or 32-20(32WCF),or 38-40(38WCF),or 44-40(44WCF)calibers.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1892 round barrel 32-20 cal?

This rifle will bring between 475-1,650 dollars or more for a rifle having between 10%-70% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.If you have a takedown model,then you could add 25% to the above listed values.

What years were the 1892 Winchester 32 WCF manufactured?

I,m going to assume that your reference to 32wcf is the 32-20 cal.With that being said your model 1892 was made from 1892-1941.because the 32-20 was a original chambering through out the entire production period.