When was the Winchester model 670 264 magnum made?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I have a Winchester model 670 264 magnum rifle. I would like to know when it was made, the value, any and all information about this rifle. It was my brothers and when he passed away it became mine. I do not have any information about this rifle. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Q: When was the Winchester model 670 264 magnum made?
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When was Winchester model 670 264 Winchester magnum serial 130091 made?

The winchester model 670,and magnum models were made from 1967-1973.

How old is Winchester Model 70 264 Magnum serial number G1030851?

your winchester model 70 was made by winchester in 1972.

What year was Winchester model 70 264 magnum serial 559879 made?

Go to and look at the Winchester sn data.

What is the year and value of my Winchester Model 670 264 Win Mag Serial Number 108003?

I can say that the Winchester model 670 and 670 magnum version,which you have was made by Winchester from 1967-1973.I am afraid thats all the info that I can find.

What year was this gun manufactured Winchester Model 70 264 magnum with serial G1191601? has sn tables.

What is the value of a 1955 series pre-64 264 Win mag Model 70?

Very little... Winchester did not introduce the 264 Winchester magnum cartridge until the year 1958. If your Model 70 is actually a 1955 vintage rifle, it is not factory original.

How old is your Winchester 264 magnum SN 792691?

apporx. value

What is the value of your Winchester 264 xtr win magnum serial number g1424177?

A Winchester model 70 XTR which was made in 1979 will bring between 350-500 dollars depending on overall condition,and that the bore is not eroded.this happens in a rifle with a serious overbore cartridge such as a 264 Win mag.

What is the history of a Winchester 264 cal when it also has Remington model700 on barrel?

Sounds like you have a Remington Model 700 chambered in 264 Winchester Magnum. The 700 was made in 264 Win Mag from 1962 - 1977 and again for the 1986 Classic. Go here for a little history -

How rare is a 1948 Winchester 300 Magnum Model 70 very good condition?

I will start my answer with a question?Are you sure that your winchester model 70 was made by winchester in 1948?I ask this because the 300 win.magnum was not a chambering that was available until the late 1950,s.The cartridge was based on a 458 winchester magnum case that was necked down.The 458 winchester came into being in 1956-1958.It also spawned the 264 win.mag caliber,and the .338 win mag caliber.I would expect that your winchester model 70 rifle was rechambered at some point in time if it is indeed a winchester model 70 made in 1948.This can also be said if we are talking about the .300 weatherby mag chambering.

What is the value of a model 70 264 Winchester magnum serial number 88082 in excellent condition?

Your rifle is worth alot it is pre 1964 a 1948 model to be exact I would get a professional involved.The 264 was an awsome cal. It was known to be a little hard on barrels.Good luck!!

What year was Winchester model 264 Winchester Magnum L5317 made It was made in Belgium.?

In order to answer your question,I will need more info.First is the firearm in question a bolt action rifle or a semi-auto.Second the caliber is 264 Win mag.not the model number,Is there a model number on your firearm?Third is there any reference to Browning on your firearm.The reason I ask is that the L prefix may be a indication you have a Browning safari bolt action rifle?If you can answer these for me they will help me identify your rifle and then we can establish a reasonable date of manufacture.