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In 1972 John West of Manitowoc submitted the " Multivariable Visual Selection Chart " to Cornell, His Alma Mater. It was the result of an economic justification study on whether to build a new burn shop (the gas burning torch shop) used to burn out the shapes for thick metal parts used to manufacture the crane bodies of manitowocs liftcranes. It was the first math platform allowing an infinite number of variables to be assembled into a single algebraic math model visually observable. It was constructed by reviewing the costs necessary to build lift cranes over a year period, and all the variables the costs represented, when the chart was able to accurately predict the present, based on the real values of the past, then the future cost projections were considered accurate enough for the math model to be used to make decisions, and was considered accurate to predict the range of future scenarios as long as the variables remained the same and no new variables were added or any old variables removed. This computer constructed math platform was submitted to Cornell without prejudice and is considered to be the empirical matrix, the basis of math holography, the math platform for stacking diagonal matrices, and is a multidimensional math construct, the math platform that ultimately led to visual basic

Jack Cox developed the chart, after 7 years and more than a dozen companies of data development analysis within the aspects of Industrial Engineering

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Q: When was the Multivariable visual selection chart created?
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