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2008-12-26 04:33:50
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Q: When was Remington 1148 semi automatic 20 gage made?
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Who made a 410 automatic shotgun?


When was the Remington automatic hand trap made NO2122984?


Who all made 16 gauge automatic shotguns?

Browning, Remington

What type of Browning 12 Gage Automatic made was made in Japan?

Several, the auto5, B2000, B80 and others

What year is the serial number 29078 for a Remington 1148 shotgun?

They were all made from 1949-1958 so they are date code stamped on the barrel, see related links.

You have an old Browning A-5 shotgun serial number B28219 in fair condition with a poly choke Browning Saint Louis in on the barrel what is the year Value Could this be a Remington made for Browning?

It is a St. Louis Browning made by Remington for Browning. It was made around 1940. It's value is probably around $250.00 without seeing it. The B means it is a 12 gage. A was 16 gage and C is 20 gage.

What is the value of a belgium made 12 gage browning automatic ser?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description and the serial number.

Years of manufacture Browning style 12 gage shotgun Remington Firearms co?

I think your referring to a model 11, made from 1905-1947.

Was Remington 16 gauge semi automatic ever made with a Browning pattern?

Please explain what you mean specifically by "Pattern"

When did Remington manufacture The Speedmaster 22 LR semi-automatic built on the Browning patent and what is the value?

Have one that was made in 1943

What is a Remington twelve gauge automatic shotgun model 878 worth?

Made from 58-63. 100-300 USD

Trying to find out what companies have made a 410 shot gun in a automatic?

I'm sure there have been several. I have a Remington 1100 in .410.

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