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@ 1870-1915

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Q: When was Hopkins and Allen Breaktop Triple Action Safety Police 38 Cal revolver nickel plated 5 barrel Serial 7099 made?
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What can you tell you about Hopkins and Allen safety police revolver?

modelo 1911

What is a 1906 Hopkins and Allen co safety police revolver worth?

Depending on condition, anywhere from $50-$150

Is a Hopkins and Allen hammerless police safety revolver legal to have in the uk?

In general, in the UK, no functioning handgun is legal without a permit.

Hopkins and Allen Safety Police revolver The sn is F5662 what caliber is it?

Caliber can not be idenitifed by sn. Take it to a gunsmith if it isn't marked on the frame or barrel.

New colt police double action revolver serial number 13804?

If it is a Colt new police .32,it was produced around 1902

What is a 1906 hopkins and allen co saftey police revolver worth?

80% or better around $100. Cylinder has to lock up and turn properly, VG or better barrel, unbroken grips.

How do you find serial number on Colt New Police .32 Police Positive revolver?

Look on the butt of the revolver

What is the age and value of a 45 caliber Colt serial 101898?

Need a better description. Is it a pistol or revolver? What are the markings on the barrel or slide? is it a single action(cowboy gun)? is a double action(police gun)?

What type of ammo for Hopkins and Allen 38 safety police revolver?

38 S&W BP You're gun was designed to fire black-powder ammunition and modern smokeless ammunition could cause a catastrophic failure of the firearm.

What does RHKP mean on a colt police positave revolver mean?

Royal Hong Kong Police

What colt revolver has serial numbers 356704?

Army special & officers model officers model special single action army & bisley revolvers police positive .38 bankers special police positive special & detective special

Colt police positive revolver 1905?

What do you want to know???