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Feet Touch the Ground was created on -19-06-04.

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Q: When was Feet Touch the Ground created?
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When was Feet on the Ground created?

Feet on the Ground was created in 1984.

What does sound feet mean?

it means when feet touch ground they eat

When was The Ground Beneath Her Feet created?

The Ground Beneath Her Feet was created in 1999-04.

When was Ten Feet off the Ground created?

Ten Feet off the Ground was created in 1968.

How many feet do you need on the ground for it to be ruled a complete pass without being forced out?

Both feet must touch the ground for the pass to be complete. Once both feet touch the ground, the offensive player can be forced out and the play is still complete.

Does a horse touch the ground when running?

If a horse didn't touch the ground, it would be flying. At a full gallop, all four feet are briefly off the ground (called the suspension period).

Height of an American alligator?

just tall enough for its feet to touch the ground

Is 4 feet deep?

no if you are smaller than four feet then its deep for you if you are over four feet its not that deep so then you can touch the ground.

What makes deep-water waves different from shallow?

The fact that your feet can touch the ground

Should your feet touch the ground on a dirt bike?

No, This may result in a injury to the foot.

How many Coldplay songs does the lyric 'my feet won't touch the ground' appear in?

3- Strawberry Swing - Viva La Vida Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground - Prospekt's March Life in Technicolor II - Prospeckt's March

What is a butterfly stretch?

a butterfly stretch is when you sit on the floor/ground and touch the bottoms of your feet together and pull your feet as close to you as you can and pull your head to your feet