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Ohh girl you got a mini crush

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Q: When thinking of a certain guy why do I get butterflies in my stomach?
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Why do you get butterflies in your stomach when you and this guy accidntaly touch elbows but you dont get butterflies when you and this other guy you like touch?

Maybe you like him more or are more physically attracted to him

What does it mean when you really like an 8th grade guy but you're in 7th grade and everytime you think about him you get butterflies in your stomach?

It means you really like an eighth grade guy even though you're in seventh grade, and you may get butterflies in your stomach if you think of him.

What does it mean when you look at a guy and you cant stop smiling?

When you look at a guy and you can't stop smiling it means that he gives you a certain feeling like butterflies in your stomach and this emotion is caused because you like this guy.....and soon enough he'll acknowlegde this and maybe get to know you a little more.

If you get butterflies when your around a guy does that mean you like him for sure?

Butterflies is a definite sign that you like someone. Another sign would be thinking about that person all the time. Thankss!

How will you know if he's the one?

For most people their emotions are different, for me it's when your with him and you get butterflies in your stomach and you just feel save and secure with the guy.

When a girl gets butterflies in her stomach is it a good thing?

Yes, its almost always good for a girl to get butterflies. Butterflies usually mean the girl is nervous but really excited about an idea, a guy, something that might happen, or something that did happen. For example: i currently have butterflies because I'm hanging out with a guy and we'll probably kiss.^that is really good; it means the girl wants to kiss this guy and she wants it to happen even though she isn't positive it will:)

What do you say to a guy when he looks at you when you really like him and he likes you?

Tell him that when he looks at you, you feel butterflies in your stomach, and when he smiles, it makes your day a whole lot brighter<3

Who was Minerva in the time of butterflies?

the pizza guy

What does it feel like when your in love with a guy?

It may feel like butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him. You get really nervous and start to sweat. You smile and giggle every time you hear his name.

Why do I get butterflies in my stomach when I see the guy I like?

You probably have really strong feelings for him. If I were you i would find a private place where you two can talk and honestly tell him how you feel and see where everything goes from there.

How do you know if you like a certain guy?

when you cant stop thinking o that guy and when your around him you afraid to say somethimg stupid so you sit there looking cute

What does sweet on you mean?

Its a "southern" way of saying a guy/girl likes you and is flirtatious. When they say or do something to compliment you and it makes you feel good ie: butterflies in your stomach...that's being sweet on someone.