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Some women get funny tastes but it is not a sign of pregnancy. The first sign of pregnancy you will get is a missed period. Take a pregnancy test if you are unsure.

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Q: When things taste metallic is it a sign of pregnancy?
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Is it normal to have weird taste in mouth as early sign of pregnancy?

Some pregnant woman do experience a metallic taste in their mouth. It is normal, also sometimes your taste buds change.

Is a metallic taste in one's mouth a sign of dental problems?

that or a heart attack...

Why does chocolate have a metallic taste?

That could be a sign of stale ingredients or bitter cocoa.

Is 'just not in the mood of things' a sign of pregnancy?

Having these mood swings is the exact sign of pregnancy.

Can a minty flavor in your throat be a sign of pregnancy?

No, it probably something you ate or after taste from your toothpaste

Is feeling awful and weak and no energy a sign of pregnancy?

Can be but it can also be a sign of many other things. it's not a sure sign of pregnancy so take the test.

Is a strange taste in the mouth similar to the one you feel with acid reflux a sign of early pregnancy?


Is fullness in uterus a sign of pregnancy?

it can be. but it also could be caused by hundreds of other things. the only thing that can give a direct answer of pregnancy is a pregnancy test.

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy on the IUD?

No, a positive pregnancy test is the sign of pregnancy on the IUD.

Why do you get a metallic taste in your mouth when you eat?

That can be a sign of neurological problems. (that means problems with your brain, just in case you didn't know) You should probably see a doctor.

Gassy stomach early sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it can be. However it can also be a sign of other things, such as your period arriving soon. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

Is puffiness of the nipples a sign of early pregnancy?

It can be but, also it can mean a lot of other things.