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Pick-up the screen, turn it 180 degrees clockwise and set it back on the table.

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Q: When the computer screen is upside down how do you put it normal?
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How do you get the upside down question mark on your computer?

Draw it on your screen with sharpie

How do you turn upside down nokia phone screen?

*#5513# (To turn screen upside down)*#5512# and *#5514# (To divide the screen into two, clockwise and counterclockwise)*#5511# (To bring screen back to normal)

My computer screen is upside down?

someone pressed ctrl +alt and the down arrow key. This flips your screen . To return it to it's normal position press ctrl+ alt and the up key. That should do it!

How do you make a computer screen upside down?

Alt, Ctrl, and Down arrow at the same time

How do you make your computer screen turn upside down?

press cltr + alt + (down arrow key)

How do you fix the computer screen when it is upside down?

CTRL+ALT+up arrow key

How do you fix the personal computer screen monitor is in upside down?

Go in Control Panel>Display>Settings tab>Advanced button, look for settings relating to display or screen position and click Normal rotation.

If the computer screen icons and words appear upside-down how do you bring it back to normal?

to get it turned right push ctrl and the arrow key up to get it back upside down push ctrl and the arrow key down. push them at the same time I had to push Ctrl Alt and the arrow key at the same time to get the screen to flip back

How do you turn the wallpaper around on your computer?

press ctrl alt UP or DOWN down for upside down and up for normal

How do you turn a computer screen upside down?

press ctr alt delete and arrows up or down all at the same times

Is it normal for a praying mantis to hang upside down?

No it is not normal for a praying mantis to hang upside down

How can you change the computer screen from showing things upside down?

Press and hold CTRL+Alt+Up Arrow

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