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when you stay in the hotel, you can say in a hotel

when you just waitting in the hotel, you can say at a hotel

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Q: When should you use in a hotel and at a hotel?
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Do you use 'a' hotel or 'an' hotel?

A. use a, because the hotel is [həu'tel] , "h" is a consonant.

How do you get the hotel key for Pokemon diamond?

Go just above the little hotel outside Sunnyshore City, then use the Poketech you use to find hidden items and you should find it not far from the exit.

Why should Hotel offer you the job?

Why should the hotel offer me this job

Should you use an before m?

No, you only use 'an' before vowels and an 'h', otherwise you should use 'a'. E.g. An apple An hotel (Yes I know it sounds weird but it's correct!) A mirage

Should it be formerly Hotel or Former Hotel?


Why you use an before hotel?

Normally you would use a before the word hotel but it isn't wrong to use an. You can use an before hotel because the first syllable is unstressed.

In Pokemon platinum where is the key near Pastoria city?

use the item finder thing near the hotel it should be there.

Is there an Action Replay code for the hotel pass in Pokemon Diamond?

use the dowser machine on your pokegear it should tell you.

How do you use the word hotel in a sentence?

We had to go to the hotel after church

Which article to be used before HOTEL?

why we use an before hotel

What are popular deals for hotels in Las Vegas?

When visiting Las Vegas you should always check the internet for deals on hotels and travel. Once you choose a hotel you should sign up for the reward card. You can use it for gambling and discounts at the hotel and its affliates.

What is the use of hotel?

When your family vacations, you can use hotel rooms in that city to sleep in. Sometimes there are showers there, too.