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Check the package for specific information, but generally the pill should be started on the first Sunday after you START your period.

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Q: When should you start your birth control pills the first Sunday after you start your period or the first Sunday after you finish?
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When should you start birth control for a weekday period?

Sunday after your period

If you were instructed to start taking birth control the first Sunday after the start of your next period and your period started on Monday when should you start the birth control?

The next Sunday. __________________________ With Sunday start, you're supposed to start on the Sunday of getting your period, or the following Sunday. For example: You start your period on Sunday : START YOUR BC. You start your period Wednesday... WAIT TIL SUNDAY TO START. **make sure to read the inserts that come with your birth control, or go to the manufacturers website, the information is there for a reason!

When I start the pill or birth control the Sunday after I started my period should my period stop when I begin taking the pill or should it finish it's course?

Do not stop taking your BCP, take them as ordered by your pharmacist, doctor or midwife. Finish the pack you are using then start using the next pack. Changes in menstruation for the first couple months is completely normal.

If you missed a birth control pill and got your period should you finish the rest of your pack?

No, you should start on your new pact at the end of your period

If you start your period on Sunday should you wait till next Sunday to start birth control?

If you plan to be a "Sunday starter" then the general rule would be that you should start your pack the Sunday after your period, or on the same day your period starts if your period starts on Sunday. For example, if you get your period on Friday you should still take the pill starting on Sunday, even if you still have your period. However, if you got your period on a Sunday you should start your pack that day. However, starting the birth control pill in the first five days of menstrual bleeding gives you immediate protection. Starting on Sunday has disadvantages. Traditionally, women in the US started the birth control pill on Sunday. This has an obvious disadvantage - your health care provider's office is closed on Sunday, and many women start their pill late when they notice too late that they're out of pills. Do yourself a favor and consider starting on a weekday, as they do in most other countries.

If i started my period on Thursday and i am starting birth control for the first time this Sunday when should i expect my next period?

You will begin your period the next month as usual, except more on target. you are supposed to start the birth control the first Sunday after you get your period, so you are doing it right.

Should you start taking your birth control while on your period?

Depends. If you just got your birth control and you have never had it before.. What you do is take it the Sunday after your period. For example. You started on a Monday. You ended on a Thursday. You take your birth control that Sunday. If you have taken birth control before.. Yes, you take it. Whether you are on or off.

When should you start your birth control if you started your period 2 days ago?

The doctors usually say to start the pill the Sunday after your last period.

How do you start your first pack of birth control pills ever?

There should be instructions in your pill packet. Or your doctor should have told you when they prescribed them to you.You should start your pack the first Sunday after you start your period even if your period is not over yet. Do not skip any pills and start a new pack as soon as you finish your 7 inactive pills at the end of your pack.

What if you had your period early but your pill is not finish it is ok to continue to take or you stop even the 28 days is not finish?

You should continue taking the birth control pill as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

Birth Control So I just started birth control today Wednesday but my period started yesterday Tuesday and I have the 28 pack I was wondering if I am taking them right when should i get a new pack?

I believe that you are supposed to start your birth control pack on the Sunday after your period starts.

What should you do if you have been off of your birth control for 2 weeks should you go ahead and start a new pack?

Wait until you have had your period, and then begin taking the new pack the Sunday after your period is done. Good luck!