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Yes, it happens to many pregnant women.

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Q: When pregnant do the tops of your legs ache?
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What can be taken for tooth ache if pregnant?

oil of cloves

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Why do your legs ach at night?

Your legs ache at night because during the day your leg muscles have been put to work allot

How do you use varicose in a sentence?

Once the veins have become varicose, the legs can start to ache.

What does diffusely mean in the term her legs ache diffusely?

To "diffuse" something means to "spread it out". Therefore, to say that someone's "legs ache diffusely" would mean that the pain is spread out through her legs, rather than only in one area. "Diffusely" would be another way of saying "all over".

Can you get pregnant if a girl gets sperm on her legs?

No you can not get pregnant.

What would cause your arms and legs to ache?

over activity...without getting enough rest...

Why do you have a Dull ache in stomach with no period 4 weeks late?

chances are youre pregnant

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What can your dog have for leg pain?

Yes that's why dogs lie down in the sun! So you should call them in and check. That's for like when they get hot. I think you mean when they are ready to mate. If that is the case, no, it is not usual for their legs to ache. They might ache when she is pregnant because of the weight of her puppies, but that's beside the point. Hope this helped! :)

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