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Some things someone should look for when buying hardwood flooring include the type of wood used, the durability of the floor, warranty, and overall look of the hardwood floors.

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Q: When one is buying hardwood flooring what should one look for?
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what laminate flooring is and how much is the cost?

Laminate flooring is a synthetic alternative to hardwood flooring. It is considered easy to clean and care for and if you like the look of hardwood flooring without the cost you might consider buying it. Average cost seems to be about a dollar a square foot.

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring?

form_title= Unfinished Hardwood Flooring form_header= Add a new look to your home with hardwood. Where will you be installing the hardwood?*= _ [50] Will you be installing the flooring yourself?*= () Yes () No What is the square footage of the room(s)?*= _ [50] Do you want to stain the flooring?

Choosing the Right Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring can add a great deal of elegance to practically any room that it is installed in. When choosing hardwood flooring, it's important to look at every available option, as not all hardwoods are created equal. Be sure to take color into consideration, as the color of one's hardwood flooring must be complimentary to the color of the walls in a room. In general, rooms that have dark walls should be paired with hardwood flooring that is light in shade.

Are there any differences in hardwood flooring and engineered flooring?

Natural hardwood flooring is a higher quality flooring, generally more expensive, and can have some restrictions in where it can be laid. Engineered flooring is made to look genuine, but it is a cheaper material with only a veneer glued on to look genuine, but it is much cheaper.

What are the benefits of buying Mannington Adura flooring?

There the many benefits of buying Mannington Audra flooring, including but not limited to a large variety of selection for various textures of the flooring and the "luxury" look and feel of the flooring.

What are the advantages of Brazilian hardwood flooring?

Brazillian hardwood flooring is ideal for many homeowners. The flooring is durable and has a unique look. The versatility of the floors also make it ideal for many homes; the floors can be used in any room and provide a great look for the room. Installation of the floors are convenient and the color of the wood is rich and beautiful.

Engineered Flooring vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring?

In recent years, a trend in home design has been to rip up old carpets and tile and to install hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors create a warm and cozy look because of their rich colors. Not only this, but they will stand the test of time, being both elegant and timeless. They will fit into any decorating style and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. When purchasing hardwood flooring, homeowners will be confronted with two choices: solid hardwood flooring and engineered flooring. Solid hardwood floors are made from solid planks of various hard woods. They are cut to size and must be either glued or nailed to a subsurface. One good thing about solid hardwood floors is that they can be refinished over the years many times. During the lifetime of the hardwood floor, the surface may develop scratches or fade. Once every decade or so, depending on the wear, a hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished to restore its former glory. Engineered flooring may sound like fake hardwood flooring, but it is every bit as real as solid hardwood. Engineered flooring is constructed from real wood, however, instead of being a solid plank, these pieces of wood are manufactured in such a way that wood and a high strength resin are layered. When compared side by side, it is almost impossible for the naked eye to deduce which surface is engineered flooring and which surface is solid hard wood. This is because the top layer of the engineered flooring is made up a thin strip of wood that looks exactly like solid wood. Engineered flooring has a few advantages over solid hardwood flooring. For one, it is more durable than solid hardwood. Next, engineered flooring is able to handle humid conditions more easily than solid hardwood flooring. The many layers prevent it from buckling when exposed to water and moisture. Finally, the many layers of engineered flooring make it an excellent insulator that can help to keep a house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Although it may seem like engineered flooring would cost less than solid hardwood, this is not the case. In almost all situations, engineered flooring and solid hardwood flooring cost about the same, making engineered flooring an excellent choice for new homes and renovations.

Where in Miami can I get my hardwood floor refinished?

Hardwood floors are popular for their durability and timelessness. After all, some of the oldest homes in the country, dating back to early colonial times, still have their original hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are probably the only flooring choice that can grow to look better with age.

Create an Antique Look with Laminate?

There is nothing more beautiful and classic than the look of hardwood flooring throughout the home. However. wood floors are not that easy to care for and they are also quite expensive to acquire and have installed. Pergo laminate flooring is an awesome alternative to hardwood floors. This type of flooring gives a home the look and feel of real wood, without the price or the hassle. This type of flooring is sold at just about any home improvement center. It is very easy to install; therefore, you may even be able to cut costs by installing it yourself.

How to Choose Between Hardwood and Laminate Flooring?

If you’re in the market to purchase new flooring for your home and are interested in wood floors, you’ll be faced with the choice between real hardwood flooring or laminate. While it may seem that choosing real hardwood is the smart choice, there are some things to consider that can make the decision more difficult. The most important factor in choosing between the different types of flooring is your budget. Hardwood floors are many times more expensive than laminate flooring. If you are on a tight budget, you can get the look of a hardwood floor by purchasing a laminate floor. In the past, it was easy to tell the difference between laminate wood floors and true hardwood, but with newer manufacturing processes, it can be difficult to tell the difference from appearances alone. Next, you have to consider where you want to install the floor. Hardwood floors need to be nailed or glued into place, making them difficult and expensive to install over cement slabs. Also, if you are installing hardwood flooring into areas that have a lot of moisture like bathrooms or kitchens, hardwood flooring can warp from the water. On the other hand, laminate flooring can be placed on top of any subsurface. Laminate flooring is installed in such a way that it floats over the existing subsurface, making it easy to install and remove. Laminate floors are also more durable than hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors wear down over the years and can scratch and lose their polish. After several years, the hardwood will need to be refinished in order to bring back its original luster and appearance. In addition, hardwood flooring can fade in sunlight. Laminate floors are very durable and resist scratching and impact dents. Not only this, but they will never fade and never need refinishing. Finally, laminate floors are very easy to maintain. All that they require is a quick mopping from time to time. If you have children who are prone to make messes in the house, laminate flooring may make it easier to maintain a clean home. Before you decide on the material for your new, wood flooring, consider the benefits and negatives to both flooring options so that you can install the flooring that is right for your circumstances.

Hard wood floor is too expensive, but I've been wondering about laminate flooring. Is this a good option?

Laminate flooring doesn't look quite as good as hardwood flooring, but it is less expensive and more durable. It resists stains and fading. It doesn't get nicked or scratched as easily as hardwood. For a good side by side comparison of laminate flooring and hard wood floors check out Floor Facts Hard wood vs. Laminate.

How to Select Wood Flooring Supplies?

Today, no other flooring material is as popular as hardwood floors. The natural warmth and beauty of hardwood is hard to resist and will create an elegant look in any home that will last for years. Anyone who has shopped for hardwood flooring supplies knows how many choices are out there and may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices. Luckily, the only real choice that a person shopping for wood flooring supplies needs to make is the decision among choosing solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminate floors.Solid hardwood planks are the most traditional types of hardwood flooring and are constructed out of solid pieces of lumber. They are either glued or nailed into place, depending on the structure of the subsurface. Engineered hardwood floors are slightly different than solid hardwood floors. This type of flooring is created from chips and strips of wood that have been compressed and held together with some sort of binding agent. The top layer is a thin slice of wood, which gives the finished plank the look and feel of solid hardwood. Finally, homeowners can buy laminate flooring, which is made out of resin that has been treated to look like real wood.As far as price goes, solid and engineered hardwood floors are much more expensive than laminate flooring. Although one might expect solid hardwood flooring supplies to cost more than engineered floors, this is not the case. In fact, they are almost equal in price.Many people are also concerned about the durability of their hardwood floors. The one negative aspect about having solid or engineered hardwood floors is that they can be damaged after prolonged use. They can scratch and discolor over time. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded and restained many times. On the other hand, engineered hardwood floors can only be sanded and restained a couple of times due to the way that they are constructed. At the opposite end of the spectrum, laminate flooring supplies never need restaining or sanding. They are highly resistant to impacts, scratching, and discoloring, making them ideal choices for high-traffic areas like kitchens and entry halls.Finally, the choice on flooring supplies may also depend on the underlying substructure upon which the floor will sit. Solid hardwood floors can be difficult to install over concrete slabs since they need to be nailed into place. In order to install a solid hardwood floor over a slab, contractors will have to glue down plywood and possibly sand the slab down to the correct height. Engineered floors can be glued directly to concrete, though. As for laminate flooring, it can be installed above any type of substructure without any problem.