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wednesdays in July 2012 is what the commercial says.

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No, LEGO Ninjago has been discontinued.

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😭😭😭  aww man i love those series.
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I will always love you lego ninjago have a great life in the hood series paradise I will always have you in my heart

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Q: When is the new Lego ninjago season start?
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What new LEGO products will there be in2010?

LEGO Ninjago.

What is the new LEGO ninjago series called?

Lego Ninjago has been discontinued and will not be releasing any new sets or sub-themes.

Is there going to be new Lego Ninjago 2012?


How do you equip weapons on Ninjago LEGO?

I had a hard time figuring this out too. you have to make a new deck and equip a weapon at the start

When are the Lego Ninjago 2013 sets going to come out?

The new Lego Ninjago sets just came out today on (December twenty-eighth)

What are the new Lego Ninjago spinners?

They might come on Summer 2011.

What is the coolest category ever made in Lego history?

The coolest Lego category so far is Lego ninjago because they have a show and there's a bunch of new ninjago stuff and lord garmadon has 4 ARMS

Will they make Lego Indiana Jones 2 the adventure continues?

No, I don't think Lego Ninjago will come back into appearance because there is a new theme that took its place. The new theme is Lego Legends of Chima, which in my opinion, is much better than Ninjago. I mean what's the point of Ninjago. There is no story, and absolutely no point in it. I am very disappointed in LEGO for creating Ninjago. Luckily, Lego Chima is 100% better than Ninjago. So no I don't think there will be another Lego Ninjago.

I know the new season of Ninjago will premiere in February 2015 but exactly when in February 2015?

The new season of Ninjago will premiere on February 23, 2015.

When will ninjago episode 27 come out?

Cartoonnetwork already finished the ninjago series so there wont be an episode 27 of ninjago

What are some kinds of LEGO brands?

There are lots of lego brands and new ones will come out. Some are: Castle Kingdoms Atlantis Star Wars Ninjago

Wiil there be a new ninjago season?

yes i am glad i like trains