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September, 25, 1987

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Q: When is the birthday of Ingrid berg mehus?
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How tall is ingrid berg mehus?

Ingrid van Rensbergen is 180 cm.

Does Alexander rybak have a girl friend?

Alexander Rybak used to be going out with Ingrid Berg Mehus [to whom he dedicated his song "Fairytale"] but broke up with her. We're not sure if he's going out with anyone at the moment.

When did Livio Mehus die?

Livio Mehus died in 1691.

When was Livio Mehus born?

Livio Mehus was born in 1630.

What has the author I Mehus written?

I. Mehus has written: 'Lunds historie' -- subject(s): Genealogy, History

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