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Umm first off his name is quez and his bday is september 4th

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Q: When is quiz from travis porter birthday?
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What is Travis Porter's birthday?

Jan 25

What music can you twerk to?

bring it back-travis porter ayy ladies - travis porter birthday cake-rihanna

When is quez from travis porter birthday?

september 4th 1990

What is the birthday of donquez woods aka quez of travis porter?

sept. 4th, 1990

Is travis porter a group?

Travis Porter is a group of 3 from Atlanta, Ga.

How much is travis porter worth?

2 Million Is What Travis Porter Is Worth.

How many people are in travis porter?

Three (3) people are in the group Travis Porter.

Who is travis porter signed with?

Porter House

What is travis porter indivials names?

Travis Porter individual names are Strap,Quez and Ali.

Why do they call themselves travis porter?

It represents a lifestyle, they feel like everyone has an inner "Travis porter"

Why did travis porter pick the name travis porter?

Travis Porter consist of three members: Strap the fu-fu, Ali, and Young Quez. Travis Porter is basically a lifestyle and it has a meaning behind it. It is about living life to the fullest . It's about having fun and learning how to be yourself.

Is travis porter 15?

uhhh no