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I think.

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2010-01-16 13:54:42
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Q: When girls are at school are boys attracted to their breasts?
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Why boy want to press girls breast?

Boys are always attracted to a girls breasts, the larger it is the quicker he will be attracted. He may get stimulated as well.

Why do teenage boys stare at teenage girls breasts?

its a natural thing men are usually attracted to women

Why do boys like big butte?

Butts are just one of the things boys are generally attracted to on girls, along with legs, breasts, etc.

How are girls and boys so different?

Well, Girls have Breasts, and they have a vagina! And, Boys have no breasts, and they have a penis!

Why are boys attracted to girls that have high breasts?

Not all boys are attracted to boobs at all, however pushed up boobs look bigger and most straight guys like big boobs.

Are girls attracted to boys as much as boy are attracted girls?

Sometimes they are, but sometimes boys are more attracted, sometimes girls are more attracted. It all depends to be honest

Are girls attracted to boys as much as boys are attracted to girls?

well heart wants what it wants. see ya

Why does girls have bigger breasts than boys?

Women/girls produce hormones that boys/men don't have so they have breasts. Give a male the same hormones and they grow breasts.

What are boys attracted to in girls?

Confidence and kindness

What does bisexuial mean?

When you are attracted girls and boys

Why do boys like girls and girls like boys?

During puberty, hormones change and it means that boys and girls get attracted, not that they know it.

Why do gay girls like girls butts?

Because they are attracted to girls and not boys

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