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Probably in August, although if they are really desperate to sell merchandise and make money, it could start in July.

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Q: When does back to school start for Walmart?
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When is the Back to school sale at target?

Primarily, the annual back to school sales start August 11th.

Where can you BUY Smencils?

Ussauly at Walmart in the Back-To-School section. Or Target. Or if your school is Selling them for Fundraising. Also on the internet.

I want to shop back to school sales.?

Many stores have back to school sales in the summer months, but the one I prefer to use is Walmart. They have reasonably priced clothing and also reduce their school supplies just at the time you need it. I find it convenient to get everything in one store, so I prefer to go to Walmart for back to school sales.

Is staples target or Walmart better to shop for school supplies?

its really walmart because when it starts getting close to start school walmart has the better supplies to shop for and have cheaper supplies but if u think its target go ahead but in my opinion walmart is best for people to shop for supplies

What is the cheapest back to school store?

Walmart because they will match the price of competitors if it is cheaper anywhere else.

when will school start back for caronavirus?

Where I live school is not going back for the rest of the school year.

Where can you get a Jonas brother notebook backpack for back to school?

You can get JONAS notebooks, folders, and I think backpacks at WalMart and Meijer. :]

How do you get your mythie back from flight school in jump start?

you cant

When did Crayola chalk cost twenty seven cents?

When there was a long time ago and still does but only on back to school sales at Walmart.....

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Which retailers have supplies for college girls to buy?

During back to school season most of the major retailers will have school supplies. Meijer, Target, and Walmart are just a few of the stores where you can get school supplies for a college aged girl.

When do schools start after the Christmas holidays?

Different schools may have different days that they go back to school after the Christmas holidays. To find out what day your school goes back, check your school's website.