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You are the only one that knows your boyfriend. But when it comes to flirting, I think most men do flirt, it's only natural for them to admire or flirt when they see a woman who looks good in their eyes.

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Q: When do you know if your boyfriend is just being friendly or flirty?
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What flirty dares you can dare your boyfriend?

A flirty dare that you can give to your boyfriend, would be to kiss every joint on your body. This won't get too personal, but just personal enough.

Why would an ex boyfriend be affectionate complimentary and flirty everytime he sees you even though he dumped you months ago Is he just being friendly Or does he still have feelings for me?

That sounds like he is not over you yet wait it out a couple more days if it continues try to talk to him, ask him why he is acting like that around you.

Does Amy Rose have a boyfriend?

Amy proclaim sonic as boyfriend but sonic just do being friendly matter but in romantic matter no way he don’t do as romantic matter

How do you get a boy to be your friend x x?

You be friendly to him. NOT flirty, just genuine, smiling friendly. If he decides he likes you too, hooray. If he doesn't, it wasn't meant ot be, and you move on.

How do you tell the guy you like you have a crush on him?

It's best to just be friendly and flirty with him so he spends time with you and starts to like you

Why would an ex boyfriend be affectionate complimentary and flirty everytime he sees you is he just being friendly or does he still have feelings for me?

because take it from me I've been i this situation just go with it he will eventually stop because you are getting into what he is doing ok if you want to get back together with him its a different story just confront him and ask him if hes doing that to make you jealous if he is just tell him im not jelous so just stop wasting your time

Robert Pattinson and kriten date?

No, it's just rumours, though they were really flirty on the set of "Twilight", Kristen has a boyfriend.

How do you know if your best friends boyfriend is flirting with you or just trying to be friendly?

what does he do?

Does it mean something if a girl buys you a drink of water?

i think its just being flirty

How do you know if a flirty girl actually likes you or is just playing around?

You need to see how she acts around other people as well as you. If she's only flirty or is extra flirty around you, then she may like you. If she is like that around everyone, then she's just a friendly person. Be nice and make her laugh. If she's flirting with you at all that must mean there's something about you that she likes or is at least worth being around.

What does it mean when your boyfriend wants to stop being a lover and be just a friend?

He means he doesn't want to date you anymore, but he would still like to have a friendly relationship with you.

What do you do if your boyfriend is very sad and wont really talk all he says is yup mhm k?

Be really flirty and sexy and anon them and stuff and that would lighten any boys mood!! Just be nice but flirty, not pushy!! Xx