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when you are married

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Q: When do you give your boyfriend a key to your house?
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Do you give your boyfriend a key to your house if he has been staying there with you and keeps asking for a key?

No. You give it to him when you can trust him with a key to your house.

Why would a boyfriend you give a key to his house?

He gave you the key because he wants you call in to him probably when he is in bed or if he is out that you will be there waiting for you. You could have fun with that; call over when you know he is out and be waiting there in his bedroom for him.

What should you do about your ex boyfriend breaking into the house you once shared?

If your ex boyfriend is in your house without your permission, you need to immediately get help. Call the police, or if he has the key to your house, get the lock changed.

What are hints to give your boyfriend that you want to go to his house?

Tell him I'd like to go to your house.

What does it mean when you and your boyfriend broke up but he won't return your house key?

It means you had better change the locks as fast as you can.

What if someone has your house key and wont give it back and came to your house many times?

Change your locks

Can you change the locks on a house that you own but are married?

Yes, but give your partner a key!

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How can you give yourself a camel toe if your boyfriend likes it and wants you to have one around the house?

... Give yourself a wedgie? ^^; Is there any other way

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