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Usually in the morning, b4 or after breakfets.

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Q: When do you get to open your Christmas gifts?
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When are the Christmas gifts open?

On Christmas day is the day that you traditionally open your gifts.

When do you open the gifts for Christmas?

on Christmas eve

How many packages are should a kid to open on Christmas?

the kids can open all there packages for Christmas only if it's there's they can open a thousands gifts because it's Christmas and it's there gifts!

In India do they open Christmas presents on Christmas day or Christmas Eve?

They open their gifts on Christmas Day at Midnight. they open their gifts on Christmas day either at midnight or when they wake up in the morning

When do you open gifts?

At midnight Christmas day

When do Mexicans open their gifts?

Birthday gifts - On their birthdays. Christmas gifts - On Christmas Day. Anniversary gifts - On their anniversary. Wedding gifts - On their wedding. Just like everybody else.

When do brazilians open Christmas gifts?

They stay up late on Christmas Eve and open them at midnight (Christmas).

When do they open there gifts in Ireland?

On Christmas morning, usually.

When do Australians open gifts?

Most Australians open their gifts on Christmas morning, but many still retain ties to other cultures and customs, opening them on Christmas Eve.

How many gifts do you open on Christmas eve?

One per person, all of the rest of your gifts should not be open until Christmas Day.

How do you know your Christmas gifts without opening them?

you open them then rewrap them

What day do Italians open Christmas gifts?

because u suck