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They're magazines in both instances. The misnomer "clip", and the idea that it's called a "clip" for a pistol likely stems from the Mauser C/96... one of the first commercially available semi-auto pistols. It had a fixed internal box magazine, and was loaded by stripper clips of ammo from the top.

It's a magazine in both instances... not a clip in either.

A "clip" (or charger) is a cheap, disposible piece of sheet metal that holds cartridges to be loaded into a magizine. The magizine is tha ammunation reservour.

The first "clip" was developed by Fredrick Von Mannlicer of Austria, in 1885. It was an "enbloc" design, where the clip and ammo used were loaded into the weapon and the clip expelled when the last round in the clip was chambered.

Mauser liked the improvment in speed, but did not like the open hole needed to expell it empty clip.

Mauser then developed the "Charger" system, where the magizine is completly enclosed in the stock and it is "charged" by placing a clip of ammo in the notches and pushing (stripping) the rounds into the rifle.

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Q: When did you change from clips to magazines for rifles?
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