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There are various videos claiming to be his first fight that can be found on YouTube. Most of them occur in the summer and fall of 2008, so his first fight on Youtube was probably in mid-late 2008.

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Q: When did the Kimbo Slice fight first appear on YouTube?
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Could HHH beat Kimbo Slice in a street fight?

Certainly not. HHH Would be badly beaten by Kimbo Slice

Did Mike Tyson fight kimbo slice?

No, they've never fought.

What happened to big d eye in the kimbo slice fight?

amputated it,

What UFC weight class is kimbo slice in?

Kimbo Slice will be fighting in the Light Heavy Weight Division in the UFC (205 lbs). Although since Kimbo Slice is not a contender and will most likely never be a contender he will fight at whatever weight has the most appealing opponent.

How much does Kimbo Slice earn per fight?

4 million pecos

How much does Kimbo Slice earn for each fight?

Nothing - he had passed away

Does kimbo slice fight in UFC?

Kimbo Slice is no longer part of the UFC roster. He used to fight in the UFC but left them in 2010. He is currently a professional boxer. He had only one fight in the UFC which he lost. The fight was at UFC 113 against Matt Mitrione which he lost by TKO. He did not fight for UFC again after that.

Is UFC acting?

no it is real because i know kimbo slice and i went to one of his fight

When is Kimbo Slices next fight?

As of December 24th 2008 Kimbo Slice is not signed for any future fights, because Elite XC, the fight organization he fought for has gone out of business.

Did kimbo slice lose a fight on this seasons ultimate fighterr?

yes, Tank Abbott enters the show unexpected and knocks out Kimbo with a jab to the knee.

When did Kimbo slice fight tank abbott?

At EliteXC Street Certified February 16, 2008.

Who would win a fight between rampage Jackson and kimbo slice?

rampage Jackson would murder kimbo,if only they were in tha same weight class....