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there is no real time but people say its because they wanted to shorten it to Santa Claus.....HE IS REAL!

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Q: When did people start calling St Nicholas Santa Claus?
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Why do people call Santa Claus Santa?

He is called Santa bcause they called him Saint Nicholas Claus. Sooner or later they started calling him Santa Claus. I hope that answers your alls question. Santa is a real person and dont doubt that.

Why do the people in Ireland call their Santa Santa Claus?

People in Ireland call him Santy, Santa and Santa Claus. Santa Claus comes from Saint Nicholas and can then be shortened to Santa Claus or just Santa or Santy. So people in Ireland use those names, like people in many countries do.

Was Santa Claus the original historical St. Nicholas?

No. St. Nicholas was part of the inspiration for Santa Claus.

Does Santa Claus mean St. Nicholas in another language?

Yes, in some languages, Santa Claus is referred to as "St. Nicholas." For example, in Dutch, Santa Claus is called "Sinterklaas," which is derived from St. Nicholas.

What is Saint Nicholas called in New York?

St. Nicholas is called St. Nicholas. Santa Claus is called Santa Claus.

Where does Santa get his name from?

Santa is a contraction of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a corruption of Saint Nicholas.

Is Santa Claus St Nicholas?

I believe santa is st nicholas.

Why did people make up Santa Claus?

No one made him up. Santa originated from a real person, Saint Nicholas, who would bring gifts to the poor. Santa Claus just evolved out of Saint Nicholas

What do people call the Easter bunny and Santa Claus?

Saint Nic, Saint Nicholas, Santa, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, and far far more

Where did Santa get his name from?

We got this pronunciation from the French for "Saint Nicholas". Let me show you: In French, Saint Nicholas is pronounced, 'Sant Ni-klaws'. Now we have Sant -ni-claus, or simply, Santniclaus. Drop out the 'n' because it is hard to say, and you have, "Santiclaus", or simply, "Santa Claus".

How is 'Santa Claus' spelled?

'Santa Claus'. Other variations include 'Father Christmas' or 'Saint Nicholas'.

Is St Nicholas Santa Claus's brother?

No, St. Nicholas is also Santa's name.