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People first started using Christmas trees at the beginning of the 19th century. The first ones did not have so much decoration or the lights.

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Q: When did people first start using Christmas trees?
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When did people start displaying Christmas trees at Christmas?

Because Its Christmas

What year did people first start putting up Christmas trees?

in the 1600,s of course

When did people start decorating christmas trees?

when u mama was asian

What is a good question about Christmas?

Where was the first Christmas celebrated?Who celebrated the first Christmas?In what country was the first Christmas celebrated?Why do people put lights on their Christmas trees and houses at Christmas?Why do people put up Christmas trees?What is considered as the Christmas season?Are there any religions that do not celebrate Christmas?What religions do not celebrate Christmas?

Who were the first people to put up Christmas trees?


What did the first Christmas trees have instead of lights?

People used candles to light Christmas trees before there were electric lights.

When did people first put Christmas trees in there houses?

i think it was 1826?

When were Christmas Trees first placed in homes to celebrate Christmas?

the first Christmas trees were placed in homes in 1923

Do black people have Christmas trees?

yes, some black people have Christmas trees

What are the things commonly done before Christmas?

People commonly start wrapping up gifts and decorating Christmas trees..

When do stores and farmers start to sell Christmas trees?

The start selling Christmas trees in the Fall along with Halloween costumes, ect.

Do Swedes have a Christmas tree?

Yes, people in Sweden have Christmas trees. The first Swedish Christmas trees were decorated with candles. Later they made their own decorations out of paper and straw.

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