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Havlin's book on Mossberg history should have the answer.

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Q: When did mossberg start making rifles?
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How do you determine the age of Mossberg .308 rifles?

You will have to call Mossberg

How many mossberg and sons S45A rifles were made?

You will have to contact Mossberg to find out.

What is mossberg 3006 1953 M44 from Hungary worth?

Mossberg made all their rifles in the USA.

Where is the serial number on a mossberg 46B?

There isn't any. Mossberg did not put serial numbers on their rifles until 1968

What year did marlin start making model 880 rifles?


Lakefield mossberg rifles use savage clipsTHIS IS TRUE?

The Lakefield factory in Ontario Canada has made rifles for a number of different brands, Cooey, Lakefield Mossberg, and now they manufacture all of Savage's rimfire rifles. Its no surprise if they use the same detachable magazine.

What are the names of some 22 WMR Capable rifles?

Winchester, Mossberg, Remington

How old is a revelation model 100a by western auto supply company?

My catalogue states that the rifle was made by Mossberg (Model 320-321) Mossberg made a variety of single shot and repeating bolt action rifles starting in the 1930. they were low-priced and were intended for extensive use. However it does not state when they stopped making these rifles. About 30 different models were made.

O f mossberg 22cal autoloader that loads through stock?

There were several Mossberg .22 rifles that load through the stock. The 51M, 151K, ect. These have a removable inner rod that is draw back through the buttplate, and cartridges are inserted into an angled hole in the side of the stock. Mossberg also made rifles that loaded from a box type magazine, and an under barrel tube magazine. There are more than 100 different Mossberg 22 rifles made.

Who made the western field model M815A?

Mossberg made Westernfield shotguns and rifles for department stores. My Westernfield shotgun is identical to a Mossberg 500.

What is the value of a mossberg 352K rifle?

ABOUT $125-$150, depending on condition. Nice rifles.

Mossberg model s-130 rifle?

S-130 is a type of rear sight used on Mossberg rifles- but not the model of the rifle. Take a look on the barrel.