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He enjoyed Christmas when he was an apprentice with Fezziwig but he lost the love of it as he grew colder toward people having lost many that he loved

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Q: When did Scrooge start liking Christmas?
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What made Ebenezer Scrooge nice and liking of Christmas?

After all those ghosts visit him and take him back in time he realizes things

Who did Jim Carrey play in A Christmas Carrol?

He plays Scrooge, young scrooge, middle age scrooge, older scrooge, christmas past ghost, christmas present ghost, and christmas future ghost.

What importance did Marley bring to A Christmas Carol?

Jacobs return was the start of the changes that Scrooge was to undertake before Christmas Day. Marley tells Scrooge that he (Marley) will walk the earth for eternity because of his attitude to his fellow man. It was a punishment that he did not want Scrooge to endure

Why did scrooge nephew visit scrooge on Christmas eve?

To invite his his home for Christmas dinner

What is the first name of Scrooge from the novel a Christmas carol?

The first name of Scrooge from the novel "A Christmas Carol" is Ebenezer.

In Disney's 'A Christmas Carol' after a visit from Jacob Marley Scrooge is then visited by the Ghost of Christmas who?

scrooge is visited by the ghost of Christmas past.

Who did not like Christmas?

Scrooge did not like Christmas in A Christmas Carol.

Where is the party that the Ghost of Christmas Past brings Scrooge to?

The Ghost of Christmas past brings Scrooge to a party at Scrooge's first employer, Mr Fezziwig's.

What date did Scrooge from A Christmas Carol die?

In Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Scrooge does not die in the story. The tale follows Scrooge's transformation after being visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve.

What book does the character Scrooge appear in?

The character Scrooge appears in the novella "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Scrooge is a central character in the story, evolving from a miserly and selfish man to a generous and kind-hearted individual over the course of the narrative.

How does Scrooge feel by celebrating Christmas?

Scrooge's partner ,Jacob Marley, died on Christmas Eve. There is also the fact that Scrooge himself hates to see other people happy.

What did Scrooge not miss?