When did Christmas become official in Rome?

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325 A.D.

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Q: When did Christmas become official in Rome?
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Christianity becomes the official religion of rome?

Christianity became the official religion of Rome in 380 AD when emperor Theodosius ordered everyone to become Christian.

What year did Chistianity become th official religion of rome?

391 AD by Theodosius I.

Which colony celebrated Christmas in the 1400's?

The English colonies celebrated Christmas in the 1400's. After Rome adopted Christianity as the official religion, Christmas became the most important celebration in Europe.

What year was the first Christmas celebrated in Rome?

It was in the late 300's, after Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

What is the official flower of Rome?

According to research, there is no official flower for Rome.

What was Rome's official language?

Ancient Rome's official language was Latin. Today, Rome is a city in italy, which has Italian as its official language.

What is the official language for Rome Italy?

Rome doesn't technically have an official language.

What was Rome's official religion?

Rome's official religion was Christianity after 380 AD. Before this time there was no "official" religion as Rome was tolerant of all beliefs.

When did Alabama become the first American state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday?

The first state to recognize Christmas as a legal holiday was Alabama in 1836.

What is 'Christmas in Rome' when translated from English to Italian?

"Christmas in Rome" in English is Natale a Roma in Italian.

How many official White Christmas's and the United Kingdom had What makes it an official White Christmas?

In London

The official language of rome?

Italian. Rome is located in Italy.

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