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Q: When did China get first nuclear weapon?
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When did China get Nuclear Weapon?


Does China have nukes?

Yes, China is a nuclear-armed country with an estimated stockpile of nuclear weapons. China conducted its first successful nuclear weapon test in 1964 and has since developed a robust nuclear program.

Where was the first nuclear weapon detonated?

The first nuclear weapon was used on Hiroshima , Japan . The first nuclear bomb test was conducted in Alamogordo, New Mexico, on July 16, 1945 .

Is China a Nuclear free zone?

No, China is not a nuclear-free zone. China possesses nuclear weapons and is one of the five recognized nuclear-weapon states under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

What you know about nuclear weapon?

the first nuclear weapon was issued in WW2 created by the americans in a chicargo squash court

Countries who acquired nuclear weapons?

Currently, nine states possess nuclear weapons.United States - Tested its first nuclear weapon in 1945Russia - Tested its first nuclear weapon in 1949United Kingdom - Tested its first weapon in 1952France - Tested its first weapon in 1960China - Tested its first weapon in 1964India - Tested its first weapon in 1974Pakistan - Tested its first weapon in 1998Israel - Acquired weapons sometime between 1967-1971North Korea - Tested its first weapon in 2009Four states have ended their nuclear programsSouth Africa - de-nuclearized in 1991Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan - Returned nuclear weapons to Russia in mid-1990s.Nuclear Aspirants, but no nuclear program or weaponsGermany, Canada, Libya, Japan, Argentina, Syria. Sweden, Egypt, South Korea, Switzerland, Iraq, TaiwanFuture nuclear states?IranSee, Peter Beckman et. al, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear States, and Terrorism (2007), 41.

What year did India detonated its first nuclear weapon?

India detonated it's first nuclear weapon on 1974at (POKRAN)a desert area in RAJASTHAN.

What was created by the Manhattan Project?

The first Nuclear Weapon.

What country developed the first nuclear weapon?


What is the meaning of nuclear weapon?

The meaning of the word nuclear weapon, is a weapon that has a nuclear warhead on it.

What Countries you would not trust with a nuclear weapon?

I think that north Korea is one and an other is china.

What is the first nuclear weapon was made during World War 2?

The atomic bomb was the first nuclear weapon ever made during World war two and it was the first weapon that have been tested before Hiroshima was under attack.