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Buckeye Gun Company used many names. They were a distributor and, at one time, distributed for J.P. Stevens.

The are most notably known for their side-by-side shotguns.

There is a following for those guns that were manufactured in Lynchberg, VA.

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Q: When did Buckeye Gun Company close?
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What is the history of buckeye gun company?

No book published on them. Check the Blue Book of Gun Values.

Would like to know when the Buckeye Gun Co operated in Lynchburg VA and the value of a 16ga single shot that dates at least to the late 1800s?

Buckeye guns were made by J.P. Stevens and distributed through the southeast by Buckeye Gun Company. The value of the gun would be determined by condition with a premium for nickel finish.

When was Buckeye Manufacturing Company created?

Buckeye Manufacturing Company was created in 1884.

What is buckeye gun co?

Out of business

Value of a single barrel shotgun manufactured by the Buckeye Gun Co In Lynchburg VA?

I just bought a single barrel stamped Buckeye Gun Co. Lynchburg VA. Improved Buckeye with a 40 inch barrel for $125. The gun is in good working order but a little scratched up.

Who made the Buckeye single barrel shotgun?

Buckeye Gun Co. in Lynchburg,Va. I have a 16 gauge Buckeye. It has a nickel plated receiver. All the Buckeyes I have seen had patent pending so not sure they ever got a patent on

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Did the Buckeye Gun Co formerly operate as the Lynchburg Gun Co? was a "house brand" of S.O. Fisher Sporting Goods Store in Lynchburg, VA. Look to for more info...