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That depends what you have joined. There are many organizations, and many membership cards.

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Q: When can you get your membership card?
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How do you become a member on club penguin with no membership card?

You can't get a membership without a membership card.

What do you need to get a membership card for Costco?

do you need a membership card to get in to costco

How do you be a member for free on cp?

buy a membership card when you use it your membership is free i used a membership card to

How much for membership?

Membership is £3.00 if you pay on credit card but if you go toSainsbury's its £3.99 for a membership card!

Where can you get a FunOrb membership card?

You can Use the Ultimate Membership card for FunOrb and RuneScape.

How do you use your club penguin membership card?

their will be a code on your membership card entter that

How do you use membership cards?

Open up Club Penguin and click on the membership but. Then Click Card activation and then chose if you have got a certificate card or a membership card and then type in your Penguin name and password and then the membership code and your penguin should have membership

Do you get a membership card in the mail for the AAMA membership?


How do I get a membership card to diners clubs?

You will have to search for diners club membership card which will then direct you to a site where you are able to activate an account so you can obtain a membership card.

How do you get a membership at pixie hallow?

You must buy a Membership Card or pay by a credit card.

How do you use a membership card on moshi monsters?

If you have a Moshi Membership card then you need to enter the code from this card into the box on the Moshi Membership Card page. You will find a link in the related links below.

What are Card Membership fees?

A card membership fee - is an annual charge to the account, for the privilege of using the card. Not all card companies make the charge.