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If the swelling as gone down and the bar is so long that it gets hit often, you can go to your piercer for a shorter one. Other than that, wait at least 2-3 months.

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Q: When can you change your belly button ring if you just got it periced 1 week and 3 days ago?
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Can you change your belly button ring with only 3 days left until you were told to?


Is it a bad idea to change your belly button ring after 2 days?

Yes, wait about a month

Can some people not have a belly button?

no because when your in your mothers stomach your umbilical cord feeds you and and when you come out they cut it and in a few days yous get a belly button

Can you change you belly ring 4 days after?


How long will it take for your belly button to close after you take out your ring?

a few days.

Who old would a baby be when its belly button falls off?

Around ten days.

How long should you wait to go tanning after having your belly button pierced?

2-3 days is how long i had to wait

After having your belly stretched how long do you wait to change it?

30 days to 6 weeks.

When does a goats belly button fall off?

The umbilical cord when dried should fall off within three to four days.

How long should you wear a plaster for after getting your belly button pierced?

about 2 days or it should come of in the bath/shower anyway.

Does your belly button or tongue hurt more getting pierced?

i would say your belly button hurts more. because i have had both of them done and my tongue got sprayed with numbing spray so i couldn't really feel it but your tongue hurts more afterwards whilst its swelled up, you can only eat liquid foods for some days until the swelling has gone down and you do talk a bit weird for a few days. but as your getting it done i would say belly button hurts more.

Is it natural for your belly button to bleed for a while after you've had it pierced?

No I got mine done 4 days ago and it hasn't bled at all.