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When a person is competent and is not intent to do self-harm, he or she can refuse treatment.

A person designated to make medical decisions for another person who is unconscious and cannot speak for themselves can direct treatment.

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Q: When can people refuse treatment for themselves or others?
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Why does some people feel the love of God and others do not?

Because others refuse to be loved and do not love or trust themselves.

Is there a word for people who refuse to understand others?


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Why Do People Not Get Treatment? Many people who refuse treatment do so out of embarrassment or because they are reluctant to admit they are actually broken.

Can a hospital refuse treatment if dont have insurance?

No. As long as you can make the payments for all the fees and hospital charges, they cannot refuse treatment.

What kind of person you refuse to work?

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Can a county health department dismiss a patient or refuse them treatment?

A health department can refuse a person service. They can refuse for different reasons.

Can a psych patient refuse treatment?

A psych patient, I think, can refuse getting a treatment like any other patient, unless he endangers himself.

Can a doctor refuse treatment to patients in western Australia?

no no

Can a cancer patient agree to surgery and radiation but refuse chemo?

You can refuse any treatment you like, its your body.

What is my right to refuse an injection?

You have a right, as a patient, to refuse any treatment youdon't want. The doctor may want you to sign a form stating that you refuse the treatment/injection for liability reasons.The same applies in Australia. anyone of sound mind has the right to refuse treatment. The courts may be able to intervene in the case of children and some wards of the state.

What can you do if the victim does not want to come to hospital?

People have a right to refuse medical treatment. Be sure to have a witness in case there are legal problems later.

What amendment in the bill of rights allows people accused of a crime to refuse to testify against themselves in a trial?

5th Amendment