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T.C Carters birthday is May 3 Drew Ryan Scotts birthday is on June 17

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Q: When are the members of varsity fanclub's birthday?
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Who are the members of varsity fan club?

as of 2010, the members of Varsity Fan Club are Drew, Jayk, TC, Bobby, and David.

When is bobby from varsity fanclub birthday?

It is October 5th! :)

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Who is TC Carter?

TC Carter is one of the four members of the hot nation wide sensation boy band Varsity FanClub.TC,David,Jayk,and Drew,are currently touring in the most popular spot for themselves,Germany.One of the members of Varsity FanClub has currently been kicked out,Bobby Edner,for whom knows what reason.TC is the youngest member of Varsity FanClub,at the age of 18.TC's birthday is on May 3rd.In 2009 Thomas Michael Fiss quite Varsity FanClub,so he could make his own music,as a solo artist.When Thomas Michael Fiss left the band,TC was already good friends with Varsity FanClub.When Thomas left David,Jayk,Drew,and Bobby asked TC if he wanted to be in the band.TC had to go for an audition,and he made it in.TC Carter is an amazing singer and dancer,as well as the rest of Varsity FanClub.

Is varsity the same band as varsity fanclub?

Yes - Varsity Fanclub was originally named Varsity but they have added Fanclub to their name.

What are the last names of the varsity fanclub members?

Fiss (Thomas), Purdy (Jayk), Scott (Drew), Brandt (David), Edner (Bobby)

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