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Well, It depends on what you mean by kiss, if you mean kissing leading to sex u have to be over 16, but my kid is 11, has a girlfriend and they do tongues in the kitchen, but be careful, my sons gf gave him lurgi from all them tongues!!! Hope this helped

I'm someone else I'm 12 and my bf kiss but we don't do tongues not intill high school at leas coz my dad would kill me and my bf

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The age when someone is old enough to kiss someone else varies depending on personal and cultural beliefs. It's important to always ensure that both parties are willing participants, and to respect boundaries and consent. It's best to communicate openly and honestly with your partner and wait until you feel ready and comfortable.

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There is no age limit. Younger kids can kiss to play around. Teens kiss when they are in love.

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Q: When am i old enough to kiss someone?
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How do you kiss a guy in year 8 12 to 13 years old?

If you need to ask how to kiss someone you probably are not old enough to be kissing anyway, no offense.

When are you old enough to kiss?

any age preferably 16

Can you get sore lips if you kiss someone for long enough?

they will get chapped maybe and a little dry

Can a eleven year old and a twelve year old kiss?

yes you can kiss someone one year older or one year younger than you

How old do you have to be to kiss a girl or boy?

That's an obvious question. It doesn't matter about the age, you can still kiss someone.

How old do you have to be to kiss someone?

You most likely have to be a pre-teen(11,12).

How do you kiss someone on the lips without embbarassing yourself?

First of all make sure this person wants to kiss you. Start out with a simple kiss. Kiss softly on the other persons lips the way you would kiss a babys forehead. Let the kiss linger there for a moment, just enough to enjoy it, but short enough to leave them wanting more.

How old should you be to french kiss?

Just Do It When Your Ready, And With Someone You Really Like.

What kind of a kiss is a passionate kiss?

A passionate kiss is different from a regular kiss. A passionate kiss is when you are kissing someone you love, and you kiss someone with the passion that you feel for someone.

Did Justin Bieber tongue kiss someone?

yes he did it with his old ex girlfriend Caitlin

How old do you think someone should be before they have their first kiss?

Probably around 14

Is it good for a 33 year old man to kiss a 16 year old boy?

If the boy is under the age of consent it's illegal so no. Apart from that there are no health reasons to kiss or not to kiss for someone 33 years old. Would probably have more of an impact on the 16 year old.