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G spot

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Q: When a woman squirts during intercourse where does it come from?
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How do you know when you climax?

You climax after a short or long time during sexual intercourse. Climaxing is when a woman or female reaches the peak of sexual pleasure. Some people will take more than an hour to climax, some people climax or 'come' in a very short time.

How many times does a man release during sexual intercourse?

Man climaxes and ejaculates only once while a woman can but most often not come twice or even thrice

Why does feces come out during intercourse?

It shouldn't... you're doing something wrong

How come you have no STD but pain during intercourse?

There are several reasons why you may have pain during intercourse even though you do not have an STD. You may have a simple infection, by visiting your doctor you will be able to get a full and complete diagnosis.

During intercourse to people's faces always match up?

No, people come in different sizes and shapes.

What do sea squirts look like?

Sea squirts look like little tubes and live in bodies of water. They come in many different colors and shapes.

Can a female urinate during intercourse?

yes but the urine will not come out through the vagina. Some fetishii are produced upon this fact

How come the jam in jammy dodgers doesn't go to the edge?

When the machines that fill Jammy Dogers squirts jam onto them, it squirts just enough, so it doesn't oveflow over the edge

How does a female come?

When the clitoris is rubbed during sexual intercorse, it ejaculates.GIGGITYAnd as for the fluid that is produced during intercourse; it's job is to lubricate the vagina for better success in fertilizing the female's egg.

Where does shoofly pie come from?

intercourse PA

Why semon will come fast during sexual intercourse?

Because your just that good at masturbating to a picture in your room that you developed a fast acting cum-spree

Where does the baby come out during labor?

A baby exits a woman's body by way of the vagina.